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South Alabama turned their squat-athon into an American Pride event


What's more American that loading the squat bar with a ton of weight, lacing up some combat boots, and getting some quality reps under the rack in while decked out in your favorite red, white, and blue outfit complete with a bandanna and some sunglasses?

Answer: I actually can't think of anything more American than that.

For their annual pre-Independence Day Squat-athon, South Alabama had some fun going red, white and blue from head to toe, with many of them using their imagination to make the event as fun as possible. It appears that the strength staff got in on the action too.

Some of the outfits are enough to make our Founding Fathers shed a tear of pride.

Last week we highlighted how Ball State had discovered the key to having fun in the weight room, and South Alabama is clearly doing the same with their own creative touch.

This is another great example of getting creative to break up the monotony in the weight room. Does your program do something similar? Email me at if you'd like to share your idea with the rest of the coaching profession.