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This may be the best video series of the off season

I don't know the first thing about Hollywood's Academy Awards, but I can tell you one thing with certainty: if there were an Academy Award for "Best New Off Season Video Series", I think South Carolina would be taking the award home.

The series of videos they rolled out this summer all follow the "Here...(fill in the blank)" template, yet each video they release seems to get better and better in both content and production quality.

The unique thing about these are that SC has found a way to highlight the player experience, the fan experience, the game day environment and the philosophy of the program in a couple short, one minute videos. That's both efficient and effective, a dangerous combination.

For the record, this has no connection with the Football Scoop Video of the Year candidates, which we'll touch base on in a few weeks. I just simply wanted to point out one of the most well done video series of the off season.