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South Carolina just put on a Twitter clinic on how to engage your fan base

The South Carolina Athletic department Twitter account just wrapped up a clinic on how to engage with your fan base with a rather interesting, and perhaps trailblazing idea. Chances are pretty good you missed it.

The premise is simple. Send South Carolina a tweet with your very own #HereSC statement, and it may be featured on their latest "It's great to be a Gamecock" marketing graphic.

 Soon afterwards, the submissions started rolling in...including some really outstanding ones.

With this idea, South Carolina has not only found a way to gain some valuable fan insight into the athletic department but it also allows them to connect with the fan base and give them a voice in marketing the program, while simultaneously attaching their name (or Twitter handle) to the Gamecock brand. That's a unique fan experience.

It's a powerful idea, and one that I can see a lot of programs running with, in one form or another, in the coming months.