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South Carolina's latest "Here, it's great to be a Gamecock" video goes inside the weight room

Last May, South Carolina kicked off their brilliant "Here (it's great to be a Gamecock)" campaign with a series of videos that were equal parts recruiting, motivation and poetry.

The latest addition to that series pays respect to the hard work the guys put in within the walls of the weight room.

"This room? This room is alive. Alive with four walls, 15 tons and a volume searching for a level."

"Here I grind for my state. Will one more rep be the difference? Will one more sprint be the extra edge you need?"

"Here, we won't leave those questions unanswered. Here, I become a little bit stronger, and faster, bigger, tougher, because when the game is on the line and my brothers are counting on me, that quit switch is the only obstacle from becoming legendary."

"Here, the fourth quarter begins now, and we have no choice but to lace them up and finish.