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South Carolina's new $50 million football facility will have a recording studio and full-height body dryers

South Carolina currently has their shiny new football operations facility under construction, and @GoGamecocks has been sharing pictures of both the construction progress, and renderings of what it will look like once finished.

The new facility is slated to have all the bells and whistles you'd come to expect in a modern facility like arcade, gaming area in the players lounge, barber shop, new position and team meeting rooms, and all that kind of stuff.

 via @GoGamecocks

via @GoGamecocks

The new weight room will cover 20,000 square feet and the facility itself will sprawl out over 110,00 square feet.

GoGamecocks points out that the new facility will also have a few unique features as well...

So, no need for towels and all that extra laundry. South Carolina will just dry players off efficiently with a full-height dryer, and have players keep the pool clean by having them go through a human car wash. Also, the waiting area for recruits and their families will also feature gaming stations. That actually sounds pretty sweet. Below are a few more renderings and what you can expect to see in the finished facility.