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100 hand written letters with 100 reasons to commit sent to 1 recruit


Think back to the last time you got a hand written letter in the mail. If you're like me, you'll have a difficult time recalling the last one you received. The hand written letter is a dying breed.

Unless you're Austin King, a highly sought quarterback from the state of Georgia.

King gets recruiting mailings like any other college bound quarterback, but South Florida did something that made them stand out a bit. Willie Taggart and his recruiting department sent Austin 100 hand written letters, each of them containing one reason why he should commit to South Florida.

Now, many different programs have flooded a single recruits mailbox with mailings on a certain day, but this strategy was unique.

100 reasons on one post card wouldn't do. 50 reasons on two cards also wouldn't cut it. 100 on 100 cards, now that's something that will stick out as soon as you go to the mailbox. Before King even broke the seal of a single envelope, an impression had been made.