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Southern Utah sets world record for highest football catch

Do you have access to a spare helicopter? If so, Southern Utah has demonstrated a great drill for your punt returners.

SUU's aviation program partnered with the football team to break Rob Gronkowski's Guinness world record for the world's highest football catch. Gronk appeared at Arizona's spring game last month and caught a football dropped from 660 feet in the air.

That record didn't last a month.

Southern Utah associate AD Jeff Tukuafu, wearing the Thunderbird mascot Thor's costume, no less, shattered Gronk's record with a catch from 880 feet.

Aside from one-upping Gronk and setting a Guinness world record, everything about this video says it should go viral on YouTube. If Dude Perfect or Mr. Beast pulled this off, it'd top 10 million views in a heartbeat. Posted from the SUU Aviation account, it has, as of this writing, 153 views.

Let's see if we can help hack the YouTube algorithm, shall we?