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The spirit of the Miami turnover chain and Georgia's spiked shoulder pads has officially infiltrated baseball

You could call the 2017 season the season of turnover incentives, and most people would know exactly what you're talking about.

Of course, Miami had the turnover chain, Georgia had the spiked golden shoulder pads, and I remember one team (I can't seem to place at the moment) had a board that players autographed after coming to the sideline after forcing a turnover. The creativity had fans, coaches, and especially media everywhere talking about their programs. That's not to mention some of the turnover incentives had their own set of t-shirts, accessories and other merchandise that fans ate up.

I came across this video recently of Mississippi State baseball coach Andy Cannizaro talking to his team about their theme for the 2018 season on being #RoadWarriors. Last year the team had boxing gloves, this year had some "badass shoulder pads with spikes them" made after conversations among the coaches and the equipment staff.

"These things are going to go everywhere with us. They're going to be in the dugout, and they're going to be the talk of the country men."

"And when we start kicking people's ass, guess what they're going to be talking about? This," Caninizaro notes while pointing at the pads, "but also YOU. This is what we got men. Embrace the theme of the road warriors."

See Cannizaro's full talk with the team, and the unveiling of their spiked shoulder pads in the video.