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(Sponsored) Virtual Coach: The Newest Must Have Coaching Tool

Note:This is a sponsored article written by the team at Virtual Coach. 

A brand new state-of-the-art software program, Virtual Coach, was recently released to the football community and will be utilized by the head coaching staff at major universities such as Texas Tech, Southern Methodist University, and UL-Lafayette this upcoming season.

But what is Virtual Coach exactly and what competitive edge will it provide these exclusive teams?

Similar to the virtual reality created in video games, Virtual Coach, is a first-of-its-kind football simulator that allows users to create AND play through ANY situation that a football player could experience. All it requires is inputting the desired play diagrams into the program and then the player can follow their exact routes and commands just like they would on the field.

The game changer?

With Virtual Coach, you can actually TEST your players by asking them questions at any time throughout the simulation. For example, if a receiver was watching a new play a coach had inputted into the system once a decision-making moment came up a question would pop up on the screen forcing the player to select what they would do in that exact situation based off the coverage and other factors. The software plays out their decision and allows the players to see whether they made the right or wrong decision given the elements of the play. This software will not only allow you to teach players how to better read and recognize what’s happening on the field in order to minimize mistakes, but it will also allow you to gauge their understanding of the game and their playbook.

The ability to keep score creates competition between players and is only one of the many reasons the players LOVE IT!

“Virtual Coach gives me a visual. I can make my reads just like if I was out on the field. I get much more out of this than if I was just watching film or having someone draw it on the board for me.” -- Current Division 1 FBS quarterback

Implemented this past spring at SMU, coaches have found the benefits of using Virtual Coach to be endless. From learning their playbooks TWICE as fast to simply making adjustments faster from exposure to game-mode simulations, the players are becoming mentally stronger and more prepared. The software truly MAXIMIZES their potential.

“Virtual Coach is going to find a place in everyone’s playbook and meeting rooms, and you’re going to be left behind if you don’t get is as soon as you can! I think it is the newest and greatest tool a coach can have.” – June Jones, SMU Head Football Coach

To learn more or contact Virtual Coach for a free demo, please visit:

Note:This article was written by the team at Virtual Coach. FootballScoop was paid a fee to show it.