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Stanford has built a sleek way to campaign Christian McCaffrey for the Heisman Trophy

Mounting a Heisman campaign is a lot like running for president. It's a popularity contest that, obviously, is highly dependent on how a given candidate performs on the campaign trail. But in any race between two closely-running contestants, the winner will be the candidate whose team sells himself the best.

And in a race that requires appealing to a wide range of voters with different backgrounds, biases and knowledge, that often means wrapping your candidate into a package every single voter can quickly wrap his hands around.

Stanford has done a fantastic job of that in pushing running back Christian McCaffrey for the stiffarm trophy with their new site

Right off the bat, the Cardinal has produced a graphic that quickly positions their candidate equal to or ahead of many past winners.

The site also opens to a nice highlight video, bio section and game-by-game recap, with each outing getting its own supercut of McCaffrey's efforts from that day.

But perhaps my favorite trick, one that you'll have to visit the site to see, is the ticker that counts up each of McCaffrey's return yards, rushing yards, receiving yards and all-purpose yards. Positioned at the far left, the all-purpose ticker just keeps going and going and going and, well, now you understand what makes Stanford's guy stand out from everyone else, don't you?