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Stanford has an innovative blueprint for renewing season tickets: Roll out the red carpet


It seems like every since the invention of the oversized HDTV fans have been passing up the game day experience to sit in the comfort of their own home and watch sporting events.

Since that point, ticket sales have dwindled, college athletic programs have formed focus groups with fans to improve the gameday experience in an effort to fill the stands, and season ticket sales are down for many programs, even those with a past history of selling out without a hitch.

Stanford has developed an interesting,and somewhat innovative, plan for season ticket holders to renew their ticket packages, complete with a long list full of VIP worthy incentives that they become eligible for upon renewing.

Check out this tweet from Stanford assistant athletic director for communications and public relations Kurt Svoboda to see more. I've blown up the picture to make it easier to read.

It looks like Stanford is willing to leave no stone unturned to convince their season ticket holders to renew as fast as humanly possible.


Lock yours up before February 4th and get the red carpet virtually rolled out for you with a lunch with NFL alums, a day with Stanford football, a photo with coach Shaw after the spring game, a training table visit during the off season with the team, a tour of the facility, a pregame field pass for the Oregon the rest for yourself, the list goes on and on.

Pretty smart strategy here from the folks in Palo Alto. None of these break the bank for them, but each and every one of them provides those who buy season tickets the opportunity to be a VIP for a day - or on 13 separate occasions.