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So a Stanford strength coach was on The Bachelor last night

An anonymous college football strength coach (briefly) became a villain to millions of reality television viewers last night, and yes, the situation is as crazy as it sounds in your head.

Season 22 of ABC's "The Bachelor" is down to its final three contestants right now, as a trio of lucky ladies attempts to win the heart of professional auto racer Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

One of those women happens to be Becca Kufrin, who formerly dated a guy named Ross Jirgl. Ross and Becca were an item for seven years, including when Ross played football at Minnesota State.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.01.02 AM

Ross and Becca's love story ended around a year before The Bachelor started filming its current season, according to Bachelor superfan Barrett Sallee, though that hasn't stopped Becca from referencing him multiple times throughout the season.

Ross eventually cut the long hair and built a career as a strength coach -- the 2017 season was his first with the Stanford football program -- and, come on, we can all admit this is a handsome fella, right?

Ross Jirgl

With the chase for Arie's proposal nearing its end, Ross flew down to Peru in attempt to steal his ex-girlfriend away from this not-at-all contrived reality show.

FootballScoop is sad to report that the last-ditch attempt did not go well for Ross. It's never a good thing when a surprise appearance causes your woman to look away from you and scratch her head in confusion.

Judging from the 1-minute clip above, I would totally have left Arie for Ross. Arie seems way too insecure and uptight and Ross is way better looking. I didn't say that out loud, did I?

Don't take my word for it, take it from Pop Sugar, who writes, "Bachelor Nation is Crushing on Becca's Ex-Boyfriend So Hard." Just Jared writes, "'Bachelor' Fans Want Becca's Ex Ross to Be the Next Bachelor!"

I mean, I'd like to see Arie give a power clean demonstration half as detailed as this one.

FootballScoop reached out to Jirgl to discuss the episode and any future Bachelor ambitions, but he has not returned our message as of press time.