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This is what a state-of-the-art training facility looks like in the NBA

The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of moving, from Oakland's 53-year-old Oracle Arena to San Francisco's brand-spanking-new Chase Center. Unlike football, basketball teams actually train where they practice, which means the Warriors are getting a new training facility.

The Dubs unveiled the Biofreeze Performance Center this week, which is: A) spectacular, and B) not all that different from the top-of-the-line training facilities in college football. Take a look for yourself below.

Warriors 1
Warriors 3
Warriors 4

Facial recognition software that knows: A) who shot the ball, B) where the shot was taken from, and C) whether the shot went in.

Somewhere out there the DFO at a Power 5 program is a link of this article emailed to them from their head coach with "Facial recognition" in the subject line and "Can we do this? thx" in the field.