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Steve Addazio has had it with the haters

Steve Addazio held his weekly radio show earlier this week, and the conversation evolved to the pressures the Boston College coach has endured this season. While BC's administration has been supportive, Addazio says, the all-encompassing social media chorus has been omnipresent.

"What happens is, the external pressures that get put on, to me, have been incredible," Addazio said, via BC Interruption. "I’m in to solutions, I’m in to what do we have to do to help this team develop and grow. I’m not in to what do we have to do to tear it down. But that’s the nature of the beast…

That’s the state of affairs, with pro and college sports. With social media, everyone’s got a voice. And it can be very negative and cutting. And I’m not really sure, when people do that, what their end game is. I mean, is your end game just to tear people down? If that makes you feel good, keep doing it."

Addazio continued, speaking to the show's two co-hosts.

"I know this. I don’t feel better if I were to spend my day knocking people down.

"You know what I’m in to? I’m in to guys like you guys who want to see us be successful. You love Boston College and you want the best for Boston College, and both of you would do anything you could do be of any help you could possibly be to help continue to grow this program and make it better. That’s your heart, that’s where your heart is, and that’s a beautiful thing, and that’s what we appreciate," he said.

"And some people are like that. Fr. Leahy, Fr. Jack – they’re unbelievable. They want what’s best for you and they want you to be successful.

"Then you have other people, I’m not sure what their agenda is and I’ll never figure it out. So what’s the point of worrying about it…

"It’s my job to continue developing this program, and that’s what I’m going to do."

After starting 7-6 in each of his first two seasons, Addazio is 6-13 over the past two and currently riding a 12-game ACC losing streak. If the Eagles don't win at NC State this weekend, it'll be an uphill climb to end the streak: BC closes with Louisville, Florida State and a markedly approved Wake Forest club (they also play a non-conference game with UConn on Nov. 19).

But while the anonymous haters sing their song, Addazio may not have to worry about being out of a job this winter. According to a report from Dan Wolken of USA Today, Boston College's administration is more likely to wait for AD Brad Bates's contract to expire this summer -- the Eagles also went 0-18 in ACC play in men's basketball last season -- while permitting Addazio the 2017 season to turn it around.

Wolken writes:

Bates has flirted with other openings in recent months, but at this point it seems almost certain he will be in place through the end of this season and into 2017. That sets up a scenario where the school, if it wanted to change football coaches this cycle, would do so with an athletics director who is perceived to be a lame duck.

In other words, there’s a school of thought at Boston College that it might just be better from a timing perspective to give Addazio one more chance to turn it around and start fresh with a new athletics director next year.

Here's hoping Boston College ends the streak and keeps Duding long into the future.