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Steve Spurrier just can't help himself - Volume 453

Steve Spurrier

Since the Great Satellite War of 2016 has come and gone, the media at large has moved on to the next college football off-season non-troversy: should college football have a commissioner?

I argued late last month a college football commissioner (which, to be clear, will never happen, at least not anytime soon) should be a neutral voice whose experiences in the game touch across a wide swath of the college sports universe and comes to the position without any strings of bias attached.

Basically the exact opposite of Steve Spurrier.

Spurrier would be the absolute worst choice for a commissioner of college football, but that's what makes him Spurrier.

The need to jab his opponents is so ingrained in the man I fully expect that, as his pallbearers lower him into the ground some date a long, long time from today, he briefly reanimates, open the casket and reminds those in attendance he lived longer (Insert Rival Here) before accepting his final resting place.