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Steve Spurrier says he's still open to a return to coaching for "the right situation"

While being honored at Duke, where his head coaching career began back in the 1980's, Steve Spurrier reminded everyone that he hasn't ruled out a return to coaching. When The Head Ball coach stepped away back in 2015, you may remember he was very specific in noting that he was "resigning" and not "retiring".

While talking to reporters at Duke, Spurrier shared some insight into what could draw him back to the sidelines.

"I don't want to be a head coach. There's too much involved in being a head coach. But if a high school, or a junior high...well, I guess they don't have junior high's any more, but just a high school somewhere to coach quarterbacks and pitch the ball around. That might be something that I might want to do again."

"But it would have to be the right situation," he shared.

So what does that perfect situation look like? Probably some place with flexible hours, a staff that enjoys golfing and listening to stories, and the school being located to a quality golf course can't hurt. Surely Spurrier's phone is buzzing with coaches pitching their "right situation" now.

"Major college ball, these guys work 11 months out of the year. It is so different than it was back in the 90's, and even into the 2000's as far as the total number of hours go. I wouldn't look forward to that."

"the only part that I miss is the quarterbacks, the offense, the team, the players, and that kind of stuff," Spurrier explained.

See more from Spurrier in the clip.

VIDEO: Steve Spurrier says he'd be open to being an assistant at a high school program, but is done with head coaching in college.

— Joedy McCreary (@JoedyAP) October 21, 2017