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Steve Spurrier shares that new NCAA rules make him glad he stepped away from coaching

Steve Spurrier has been enjoying his time away from coaching, and the recent NCAA rule changes that have left coaches around the country feeling that they no longer have an off season have appeared to helped him come to peace with his decision to leave the sidelines.

Spurrier told ESPN that the new rule allowing official visits in June (something that Tom Herman and a number of other coaches have voiced their displeasure with) has helped him realize that he decided to step away from the game at the right time.

"I sort of liked an offseason. There is no offseason now," Spurrier shared with ESPN.

"It's year around, and guys go, go, go, but a lot of guys like that. They don't go to the beach. They don't play golf. They don't travel. They don't do other things in life. I think it helped me last 30 years as a head coach because I did have an offseason."

Steve Spurrier took full advantage of off seasons while leading programs, and his approach helped to recharge the batteries to where he could attack a new season refreshed and focused, which is something that allowing official visits in April, May and June now will prohibit a lot of coaches from enjoying, or they'll just have to get more creative with their "vacation" time.

Here's to hoping that Spurrier enjoys his fill of golf and traveling during the long offseason of retirement.

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