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Steve Spurrier shares how he's become synonymous with the visor, and how he almost landed at UNC instead of South Carolina

Earlier this week, in an effort to promote his recently released book, Steve Spurrier appeared on The David Glenn Show and shared an interesting story about his coaching journey.

After leaving the NFL in 2003, Steve Spurrier wanted to get back into coaching, thinking that he had a good 5-8 years left in him at 59-years old. It was around that time that he got a call from a Tar Heel booster.

“I had talked to sort of a big booster at North Carolina, actually, and he said, ‘Would you be interested in this job.’ I said, ‘Of course I would. Of course I would.’"

“What happened? North Carolina, their field goal kicker made a...I want to say a 55-yarder, to beat Miami, and North Carolina I think had a winning season. So they kept their coach,” Spurrier said, recalling the 2004 season when John Bunting finished the season 6-5.

“So the South Carolina job was open, and their athletic director - Mike McGee - called me a couple times and offered me the job," Spurrier shared. "That was a wonderful situation. I was thoroughly happy and glad that I had the chance to go to South Carolina, and we had some wonderful seasons.”

Glenn opens up the interview by asking how Spurrier became synonymous with the visor and that's an interesting of a story as well.

"I'm a big believer that, in life, we need to do our job, maybe a little differently than everybody else, and if you want different results, then perhaps you, yourself should be different. So that's why I started wearing a visor when I got to Florida in 1990"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: When is someone going to lock up the Head Ball Coach for a Storytime with Spurrier segment so we can hear more insight like this along with some off-the-wall stories?

Hear Spurrier's full interview below (starting at the 19:40 mark)