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Steve Spurrier will never stop being Steve Spurrier

The Maxwell Football Club gave Nick Saban its George Munger Award this year, given to the top coach in college football. It's an entirely justifiable selection given Saban is.... well, he's Nick Saban.

Still, that didn't stop the HBC from getting a shot in.

They did, as Saban was announced as the winner back on Jan. 5. "Coach Saban has engineered a tremendous season for the University of Alabama football program," Maxwell executive director Mark Wolpert said at the time. "The team’s 14-0 record is a great testament to the hard work of Coach and his staff, and also to the dedication shown by the student-athletes involved in the program at Alabama. To go wire-to-wire as the No. 1 ranked team in the country is almost impossible and has been only been done three times in the history of college football. It is just an amazing accomplishment."

Still, when you consider that Spurrier is giving a redirected compliment to old nemesis Dabo Swinney in order to get his shot in at Saban, it shows how much Spurrier loves zinging Saban.