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Steve Spurrier has published a book: "My Life in Football, Doing it Differently-And Winning"

You knew it was bound to happen once he announced his retirement, and the Head Ball Coach tweeted official word of it today - the coaching legend has written a book.

On the Penguin Random House site, where you can pre-order Spurrier's book, the book is summed up in a few paragraphs that include the following:

"He’s been called brash, cocky, arrogant, pompous, egotistical, and hilarious, but, mostly, he’s known as the Head Ball Coach, a self-ordained term introduced to the lexicon of football by none other than the man, himself, Steve Spurrier. He is the only coach who can claim to be the winningest coach at two different SEC schools, and the only person who has won both the Heisman Trophy as a player and a national championship as a coach. Or who has won a Heisman and coached a Heisman winner.

From the beginning, Spurrier didn’t want to sound like other coaches, dress like other coaches, and, especially, coach like other coaches. As a controversial football pioneer, he ushered in a different style of leadership and play. Spurrier’s press conferences were glorious — he refused to lapse into coachspeak and was always entertaining, although he took his football very seriously. He was known for his fierce competitiveness, roaming up and down the sidelines, often throwing his signature visor to the ground in disgust. Now resigned from coaching at age 70 — he doesn’t like to say “retired” yet — Spurrier has calmed down, but don’t mistake that for a lack of fire. He can be just as feisty as the day he set foot on the East Tennessee dirt in Johnson City’s Kiwanis Park, where he grew up to become one of the state’s all-time greatest athletes, and went on to play for Florida where he launched one of sports history’s all-time great careers."

The book talks about Spurrier's quirks, his approach to coaching and the media, and his unexpected path to becoming a head coach, and his decision to resign at South Carolina during the season.

There are a few football books out there written by former head coaches that are absolute must haves, and considering Spurrier's unique approach to just about everything, his unparalleled success, and his pure entertainment factor, I think it's safe to say this one is very likely to end up on that short list.

Head here to read more on the book, and to order it.