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"Who stole the game film?"

Athletic departments across the country are consistently and urgently searching for new and exciting ways to connect and build relationships with their fan base.

So when I cam across this video from the Mississippi State basketball programs, it made sense to pass it along for others to learn from. Perhaps it sparks a new idea you can use this upcoming season.

The idea from Mississippi State starts with a message from women's basketball coach Vic Shaefer and revolves around some stolen game film. The rest of the plot involves a pop up escape room - an event that is becoming increasingly more popular the past few years. The link provided in the tweet takes you to a sign up of two escape rooms with 30 total slots.

Pretty cool idea and social media execution used by the Bulldogs. Check out the quick clip below.

THIS JUST IN: has a mission and needs your help!

“Pop-Up Escape Room” this Thursday and Friday on campus. Can you solve the mystery of who stole the game film?


— MSU W. Basketball (@HailStateWBK) January 30, 2018

Hit that link to find out more about Mississippi State's escape room.