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The strength profession is getting closer to their first $1 million coach

Back in the mid-1990's college football saw the first ever $1 million head coach when Steve Spurrier's average contract paid him just over the million dollar mark in 1996, just a year after Florida State upped Bobby Bowden's deal to $975k SB Nation points out in an article from last year.

Last year, entering the 2018 college football season,Twenty-one assistant coaches made at least $1 million in 2018

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> 21 assistant coaches in college football were making north of the $1 million mark.

The strength profession has been making some headway to that first $1 million coach, and a recent pay bump got them even closer.

As Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle's salary continues to climb, the strength profession is getting closer and closer joining the $1 million club. Steve Berkowitz tweeted today that Doyle will make $800,000 in base salary. After making $725,000 last year, Doyle received a 10% raise triggered by head coach Kirk Ferentz's contract and the team finishing in the top 25 last season.

The rest of the Hawkeyes coaching staff has received pay bumps as well. See The Scoop for those details.

Doyle, who has been with the Hawkeyes and Ferentz for over two decades now, will be the highest paid strength coach in college football, followed closely by Ohio State's Mickey Marotti ($735k), Tennessee's Craig Fitzgerald ($625k), and Clemson's Joey Batson ($600k).

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