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Student with Down Syndrome scores touchdown of a lifetime

As we inch closer to arguably the best time of the week (Friday night around 7pm) it feels right to share one of the best things to come out of high school football last week. Last Friday night, two high schools in Michigan showed the heart of the game we all love.

In their game against Northview, Forest Hill Central designed an unmatchable play, the Clay Special. The "Clay Special" was executed perfectly by both teams, allowing for FHC senior Clay Udell to score the first touchown of the game and his first touchdown ever. Clay, who has Down Syndrome, has been a long time supporter of the FHC Rangers as his dad Clark is the school's Athletic Director.

Clay grew up around the team and had dreams of playing in a game for the Rangers. Although he had previously come up with the idea, it wasn't until Wednesday that Clay learned that he would be suiting up for Friday's game. To say he was excited is a huge understatement.

Northview head coach Trip Gallery, previously coached at FHC and knows the Udell family well. So when Rogers talked to him about doing this, he said "... I didn't hesitate. I mean, the bottom line is this is educational athletics, we're here to build relationships with kids."

After he scored, the crowd erupted and his teammates gathered to celebrate while Northview players clapped for him. The Northview band had even learned the FHC fight song to play for Clay.

Clay's dream came true.

Huge note of appreciation for Northview head coach Trip Gallery and FHC head coach Tim Rogers for making this moment happen. This is what high school football is all about.

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