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Study: The majority of college players and staff are not being compliant with COVID protocols

A recent study from the National Athletic Trainer's Association states that the majority of college players and their coaches are not being compliant with the COVID-19 protocols in place.

Those findings share that just over 1/3 of student athletes are fully compliant with university and sport COVID-19 protocols, while 59% are following them to some degree, and about 7% are not following them at all.

On the coaching side of things, less than half (47%) are fully complaints with the protocols, while about the same amount follow those protocols somewhat and about 7% aren't following them at all.

Perhaps most troubling from the findings is that over 21% of college athletic trainers feel that they do not have access to the proper personal protective equipment and 13% don't feel that they have access to the proper sanitation materials required to be compliant with COVID protocols.

"The compliance of student athletes and staff to COVID-19 safety protocols is not just a sports issue, it's a public health issue. In many cases, each person is interwoven into a larger community of students, professors, and beyond, so the results are concerning," National Athletic Trainer Association President Tory Lindley shared.

"It will take every member of the team - from student athletes to staff on the sidelines - to understand that noncompliance is not only a threat to the season but to mitigating the spread of COVID-19."

See the more of the findings from the study in the tweet below.