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Sumlin's message to the Aggies after 3rd straight loss: "Your true character is about to be revealed"


In a few short years in College Station, Kevin Sumlin has seen his fair share of ups and downs, but Saturday's tilt with Nick Saban and Alabama will be remembered as one of the lower points thus far.

During his coaching career at both Houston and Texas A&M, Sumlin had never suffered a shutout up until Saturday's 59-0 debacle. in Tuscaloosa.

"For something like that to happen, that is that major, it has got to be across the board and we weren't very good at anything." Sumlin explained.

Getting back on track after three straight losses (Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama) is also relatively new to to Sumlin, who talked about getting his guys refocused in their latest episode of The Pulse.

Sumlin told the Aggies after the loss that there was going to be a lot of negative talk in the media surrounding them, and that only the only communication that was really important was the stuff coming from within the program.

"In situations like this, the message was that your true character is being revealed, and will continue to be revealed. When you're winning and everyone is patting you on the back, things are easy."

"But when something like this happens, and you've lost three in a row, you've got to be honest with yourself, number one. And number two, we've got to help each other pull ourselves out of this, and you can't do that unless you stick together."

"Everyone out there is going to have an opinion of what should be done, or what can be done, but they aren't the ones playing and coaching in the games. So for us to get back to where we need to be we need to talk to each other, and trust each other."