Just a few short days ago, on the heels of announcement that the Big 12 would add a national title game, the Sun Belt made an announcement that they would be doing the same in December of 2018, making them the last conference at the FBS level to do so. All conferences now having a title game at the FBS level means more football for our viewing pleasure, and that, my friends, is always a good thing.

To commemorate the big move, the conference put together this short video featuring the phrases PREPARE FOR HISTORY, A NEW CHAPTER, and A NEW ERA COMING TO A STADIUM NEAR YOU mixed in with highlights.

The first game for Sun Belt members will take place on Thursday, September 1st when Appalachian State takes on Tennessee in Knoxville and Montana State heads to Idaho, followed by a Friday match up of Ball State and Georgia State.

Just as a refresher, FCS Coastal Carolina is set to join the FBS ranks in the Sun Belt in 2017.