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Sun Belt commish Karl Benson talks expansion on Twitter

Karl Benson

Conference realignment is in a dormant period right now... at the top. The Sun Belt currently sits at 11 members and is looking for 12th, allowing the league to split into divisions and hold a championship game for the first time in its now 15-year history. (Though the Sun Belt could join the Big 12 and ACC in their collective wait to deregulate conference title games, but that's a debate for another day.)

On Thursday, Sun Belt commissioner Karl Benson opened his Twitter account and laid out the most frank talk a conference commissioner would ever volunteer.

As a reminder, the Sun Belt roster consists of Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Appalachian State, Troy, South Alabama, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Arkansas State, Texas State, New Mexico State and Idaho.

Coastal Carolina would slid in nicely to a potential East division, connecting Georgia Southern and Georgia State with Appalachian State, along with South Alabama and Troy, with the remaining six schools filling a potential West division. Though it's hard for a conference to get too high on its geographic high horse when it stretches from Statesboro, Ga., to Moscow, Idaho.

Still, it's nice of Benson to offer some candid comments and not pretend like a conversation with Eastern Kentucky sits on the same level of importance as a White House negotiation with Iran.