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Check out all of the best 2015 Super Bowl ads here (Monday AM update)


With the Super Bowl on Sunday, little by little, the wildly popular commercials advertisements are starting to get released.

Last year, the Super Bowl between Seattle and Denver set a record as the most-watched television event in US history, drawing 111.5 million viewers. Four of the last five Super Bowls have set new viewership records, and this year shouldn't be any different with all the interesting storylines taking shape.

As we all know, it's also the only TV event where people actually tune in and sit quiet during the commercials.

A 30-second spot in this year's game will cost companies a whopping $4.5 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, fifteen first time Super Bowl advertisers will make their debut this year, the most newbies since 2000.

Relive all of the notable commercials from 2014 here.

Other than Super Bowl staples Budweiser and Doritos, who are always good for a conversation piece on Monday morning, ads include appearances by Kim Kardashian and Lindsey Lohan- so this year is shaping up to be interesting already.

I've taken the liberty of weeding out all the sub-par spots, so here are all the best spots from the big game. Enjoy!