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Superdome roof catches fire

The Superdome survived Hurricane Ida mostly intact, but the regular dangers of everyday life got to the iconic venue on Tuesday.

The iconic Superdome survived Hurricane Ida mostly intact, but the thing about surviving disaster is that there are still plenty of things in regular ol' life that can go wrong.

Like the roof catching fire on a random Tuesday. Kelsey Davis of the Fox affiliate in New Orleans captured video -- well, video of the video -- of the blaze. As you can see, the fire is contained to one panel of the roof but is still blazing with plenty of black smoke billowing into the air. 

The cause of the blaze, as well as any damage therein, were unknown as of press time. 

Ida has chased the Saints to TCU's campus in Fort Worth for practices. The club's first scheduled home game was played in Jacksonville; their next schedule home game, Oct. 3 vs. the Giants, is scheduled to be played in New Orleans. We'll have to wait and see if Tuesday's fire affects the team's scheduled return. 

Update: We have a cause of the fire.