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Survey: The top 3 things players look for in a coach

The modern recruiting process has become flooded with how important facility updates are, which place can get you to the NFL, a general sense of who wants me with their program the most, and a host of other things.

However, when it really comes down to it, coaches know that recruits want to find a place where they feel like they belong.

That brings me to this tweet from Allistair McCaw, a best selling author and speaker on team culture and leadership, who reached out to over 100 former college and professional athletes to get their thoughts on the things that they're looking for in a coach.

He provided a list of 10 things to choose from and the top 3 players felt were most important were:

3. Knowledge and experience
2. A sense of humor
1. They really cared for me

Most coaches in college football are places without the bright lights, shiny new facilities, and without barbershops and waterfalls (or slides) in their facilities. McCaw's survey, while the sample size was small, is a reminder of what was important long before the facilities arms race of college football, is still the most valued among recruits today.