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Syracuse coach's wife, battling kidney disease, needs second transplant

The grit and strength of a coach's wife is undeniable, but the strength of Syracuse University offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh's wife Laurie is unbelievable. Laurie battles kidney disease.

13 years ago when Laurie needed a kidney transplant donor, it took a year and a half to find the right match.... her husband's fellow coach, Danny Langsdorf. He, like many others, became quickly connected to the couple while he and Mike were coaching at Oregon State. Langsdorf was tested and deemed a match. Danny and Laurie underwent surgery together on May 29, 2007.

But now, Laurie is in need of a transplant donor again.

Although the Cavanaughs have only been at Syracuse for 2 years, they have became very close to the other coaches and their families. So when the coaches' wives found out that Laurie was battling with polycystic kidney disease and needed a donor, they sprung into action.

Beth Lustig and Emily Lynch began the search for a match for Laurie. Both women, other Syracuse staff members, families and friends all got tested but none were a match. They have spread the word across social media platforms and throughout the community.

Langsdorf is hopefully that someone else will do the same as he did for Laurie. He told, “It’s prolonged her life for sure and hopefully somebody else will do the same thing and do their part to help out".

The search for a transplant for Laurie continues.

Those considering being a potential donor for Laurie Cavanaugh can call 1-315-464-5413 and ask to speak to the living donor coordinator.

God bless you Laurie. Your positivity through all of this is legendary and inspirational. We are thinking of you and praying for you. has more on Laurie's story.