Illinois’ colors are blue and orange. Syracuse’s colors are blue and orange. Illinois’ logo is a block “I”; Syracuse’s logo is a block “S.” You see where this is going.

At times, the Illini and the Orange have dressed like each other. The shades of orange are slightly different, but swap the helmet decals and not even the players’ mothers could tell the difference.

On Friday, Syracuse did us all a favor. While Illinois in 2018 moved to a solid-color template, one also recently employed by fellow Nike clients Oregon and Baylor, Syracuse is going in the opposite direction.

As you can see, the orange will wear two helmets with blue, orange and white sets, which can all be worn monochromatically or mixed and matched.

There’s something vaguely Cleveland Browns-ish about the orange helmets matched with the blue jerseys and/or pants, but overall it’s a solid look.

Syracuse didn’t need a massive overhaul. They just needed Illinois to stop copying them.

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