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Take a look at Sam Pittman's new slobbering Razorbacks statue

Inspired by the Arkansas "Slobberin Hog" throwback logo, Sam Pittman had a new statue installed installed at his place.

While he's only been the head coach there for two seasons, there's no doubt that Sam Pittman is a Razorback to his core.

The fan base has embraced him from the jump, and he and his staff have really turned things around in Fayetteville faster than most expected.

Fit is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the coaching profession, but Pittman really seems like a natural fit at Arkansas, and from the looks of it, he's really leaning into that.

According to some new pictures he recently shared, Pittman recently added a few hog statues by the water at his place.

These aren't just your typical statues though. As the pictures show, at least one of them has a water feature to make it look like a slobbering hog.

For those unfamiliar, the "Slobberin hog" is a throwback version of the Razorbacks logo that is well known from its use during the 1994 men's basketball team's run to the national title.

Check this beauty out.

Slobbering Hog Statue
Pittman Hog Slobber
Pittman Hog
Pittman Hog 1