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Take a look at some of the craziest high school facilities in the country

Hudl's reach in the high school sports landscape seems to continue to grow year in and year out. That reach allows them the opporunity to take a look at some of the best (and worst) facilities that the country has to offer.

Today, they tweeted out a link showcasing a handful of the best football and basketball stadiums in America,and they range from Allen HS (TX) to Stadium HS (WA), as well as a pretty sweet Space Jam themed basketball court that a few high school teams have had the opportunity to play on at Warner Brothers Studios in California.

👀 These high school facilities are crazy!

— Hudl (@Hudl)

👀 These high school facilities are crazy!

— Hudl (@Hudl) May 9, 2018

">May 9, 2018

A couple more that come to mind as far as crazy high school stadiums go are Barrow HS in Alaska, which butts right up to the Arctic Ocean.

Also, Sue D. Cooley Stadium located in Lahainaluna, HI has unbeatable views as well, as this video from MaxPreps illustrates.

At the college level, a few that come to mind are via the South Dakota Hardrockers (D-II) which is half drive-up, half bleachers, and then this soccer field at Utah which is located on top of a parking garage.