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Take a look at this heartwarming photo of Frank Beamer and his wife

Virginia Tech has done its famous "Enter Sandman" entrance onto the Lane Stadium grass since the 2000 season. Until Saturday, Frank Beamer had never seen it, because he was too busy participating in it. Key word: Had.

It's completely normal and yet a bit odd when you stop and think about it. Imagine hosting a party at your place every fall Saturday, but never actually tasting the food. Or staring in movies while never actually seeing one of your films in a theater.

On Saturday, Frank and his wife Cheryl took their chance to eat the proverbial movie theater popcorn for the first time and actually watch their first "Enter Sandman" together.

It was completely heartwarming.

May we all be so fortunate. Another touching moment came Saturday when besties Bob Stoops and Steve Spurrier spent time together before Oklahoma's date with Ohio State.

Thankfully, they elected not to lock arms like the Beamers as they watched the Sooners go through warmups.