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Take a quick sneak peek at Syracuse's new indoor facility

Syracuse and athletic director Dr. Daryl Gross provided a quick sneak peek of the newly finished indoor facility before it has officially opened, and talked about what it means for Scott Schafer's program moving forward.

"It's exciting to see that we're going to be able to enhance the football culture, and that atmosphere and everything that goes along with it to see if we can become one of those elite football programs as well. This is a great start to it." Dr. Gross noted.

"Our goal is to get our program to where we're a top 25 program consistently and sustainably, and I think this offers to that." he added. "We feel like we should be a bowl team every year, and now we can enhance that and improve on that and this is going to give us an opportunity to do that."

You can see the potential here, and once they put up some graphics, and add a few other things here and there to impress recruits and current players, it should really help to make the facility "pop".