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Player to coach: "He probably saved my life."

Takk McKinley is now an Atlanta Falcon -- so excited he was to become a Falcon that he dropped an F-bomb on live television. But before he begins his new career in Atlanta, McKinley took time to thank the man who made it possible.

In this film segment, UCLA defensive line coach Angus McClure shares what made McKinely special, and McKinley in return praises McClure for making his career possible.

"Coach Angus, he means everything to me. So for him to give me the opportunity and bring me in as family, all the hard work he did to get me here, I can't thank him enough. He probably saved my life because I had chances where I could have went to the gangs, drugs, but you kept your word. Some coaches, when they recruit you they tell you this, they tell you that and once you get there they change up on you. You haven't changed up one bit. You've been Angus McClure and you've been my coach and I thank you every day."

These are words every coach hopes to earn someday.

"Probably saved my life."-@Takk A beautiful relationship between a coach @Angus_McClure and his player. Recruits take note.

— Diesel Films (@dieselfilms) May 1, 2017