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TCU unveils sharp new uniforms

TCU's athletics teams are called, as you know, the Horned Frogs. This is a horned frog.

horned frog 2

Up through last season, the Frogs modeled their football uniforms after the actual frogs, imbuing their jerseys with frog-like scales.

TCU 2018

The scales were more noticeable in some colors than others, but they were there nonetheless.

Key word: were. They're gone now, replaced by another noticeable feature of the horned frog look that is much more intimidating -- horns!

Each jersey has its own name: Iconic, Tenacious, Horned.

TCU iconic
TCU tenacious
TCU horned

Each jersey also has its own inner neck embroidering.

TCU jerseys

As you can see, TCU has cut out the gray and will wear its three actual colors -- black, purple and white. Each jersey can be mixed and matched with black, purple or white helmets and pants, giving the Frogs 27 total uniform combinations.

You can view most of them on TCU's official landing page.