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This team has already got its sideline celebrations figured out

The month of August is used for practice. You practice everything, right? You practice your new schemes, and you practice your old schemes. You practice what to do on fourth down, in the red zone, on fourth down in the red zone. You practice how to throw a Hail Mary, how to execute the hook-and-ladder, and you practice how to take a knee in the victory formation. You practice how to enter the field and how to exit it. You also practice how to celebrate.

After all, you can't execute it if you don't rep it, right?

The University of La Verne, a Division III school in between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Calif., has developed the best new sideline celebration in college football, and they've got the film to prove it.

Takeaway celebrations as a unit on our sideline after every takeaway!TakeawayTrophy#NoPenaltiesOnTheSideline#GolfClap

— Oscar Rodriguez Jr (@CoachZoneEyes) August 22, 2017