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Technology to provide better TV production & officiating exists

On Saturday, the Big Ten will equip each of its championship game officials with a GoPro on their hats, Fox Sports has announced. The cameras will provide the Fox broadcast with a point-of-view angle straight from the field.

And, yeah, that's a nice shot that will give the viewer at home an angle they've never seen before. Although, that fisheye look that a GoPro gives is awfully hard on the eyes.

But we have a better idea.

GoRout has truly revolutionary technology -- not to mention a better camera that outputs as the eye sees (no fisheye effect) -- that provides real-time analytics with the ability to make instant replay truly instant.

Take, for instance, the ending to last night's Cowboys-Vikings game.

GoRout's Vue-Up technology could have allowed the official to say, "Hey GoRout, show me the last five seconds," instantly allowing the official to see the replay. Clearly, with the benefit of seeing the replay within seconds, the official would have seen obvious penalty. The current rule book would not allow this... partially because this technology didn't exist until GoRout introduced it just last month.


We understand it is too late for the Big Ten to make a switch, but perhaps next year they could flip to the superior technology that would make the broadcast and the product on the field better.

No finder's fee necessary NFL Competition Committee (but if you feel so inclined we will accept half of the $28 million NBC paid you to broadcast last night's game). Please just embrace current technology to improve the product on the field. Thank you.