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Temple has created an innovate fundraising campaign that every program can borrow

Every college football team needs financial support from its donors to be successful. In exchange for that money, donors seek a different type of currency: access. They want to be close to the players and coaches, to know them on a first-name basis and, more importantly, have the players and coaches know them on a first-name basis, then return to work Monday knowing something about the team that their buddies don't know.

Temple has come up with a new fundraising campaign that serves both of those goals.

The Owls on Monday announced The 9, which matches a donor with a player wearing a single-digit number. For the low, low price of $50,000, nine Temple donors will receive:

  • Interaction with your assigned student-athlete throughout the year
  • Custom jersey with your name and the assigned number
  • Tickets for you and a guest to travel on the team plane to one mutually agreed upon Football away contest

The $450,000 Temple hopes to raise through this program will support the athletics department's off-the-field programs: increased commitment to providing the best academic, mental health, career services and nutritional support, in addition to improving the program's strength and recruiting capabilities.

This is something every program in the country can borrow. Whether it's $50,000 or $500, The 9 creates a win-win for the team and its fans that, hopefully, leads to more wins on the field.