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Temple is planning a unique "Rocky" themed workout for players and fans

When it comes to college football programs embracing the city they're in and the history in it, there are a few programs that stand out, with UNLV under Tony Sanchez being one that comes to mind.

Another school that is really embracing the city and its history is Temple, and their latest creative decision is a great testament to that.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Temple has decided to offer players and fans a really uniquely Philadelphia experience by holding a Rocky themed workout, part of which will include running up the steps of the historic Philly Art Museum, straight from the inspirational clip from the hit 1976 movie.

Here's a great refresher of the iconic movie moment.

The Owls will arrive for their workout at 8am ET tomorrow morning for their one hour workout, and will hang around for photos and autographs afterwards.

Really cool to see some of the ideas (SWAG Coordinator, Rocky workouts, etc.) Geoff Collins and his staff are bringing to Temple, and this interactive workout embracing the city is a prime example.

Head here to read more on the event.