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Ten things only coaches' daughters will understand

We write often about coaches' wives on this site, but not almost never about another important group of women in football: coaches' daughters.

Unlike their mothers, daughters had no choice in the deal -- they were born into the game, and they know nothing else. Since we here are woefully under-qualified to write about what it's like to live as a coaches' daughter, we've given the forum to someone who does.

The following essay has been reposted with permission of Sara Joseph, daughter of Southeastern offensive coordinator Norman Joseph.

1. You realize you can't date anyone who tries to explain the game to you.

Mostly because I probably (definitely) know more than you do. For instance, do not tell try to tell me what a play action pass is. You will be sorry.

2. You don't know what it's like to be a lifelong fan to one school.

As the child, you have probably moved from school to school with your dad. Obviously your loyalty lies wherever he is. You also absolutely know not to wear any other college team's logo besides his in his presence.

3. You love the smell of the locker room.

No really!! The sweet aroma of sweat and rubber really is so comforting.

4. Dates are hard to come by just because your dad is a coach and boys think he's intimidating.

When actually they should be more concerned over Mom.

5. You have a deeper love for the sport your dad coaches, because that's what you've been invested in.

Football will absolutely be on the TV at your house for at least 9 months out of the year.

6. You get seriously annoyed when someone questions your dad's play call.

"Uhm, yes, we should have gone for it on 4th and 2????"

7. You and your family have to sit away from crowds at the games.

Mostly because of number 6 but also because you don't want to hear parents of the sixth string complaining about why their son isn't playing.

8. "If you're on time you're late, and if you're early you're on time" is permanently embedded into your brain.

Not ashamed to say that my clocks are all set ten minutes fast. Thanks, Dad!!

9. You love getting to watch the team develop.

From spring practice, summer workouts, to finally being on the field, it's fun getting to watch as players thrive in their position.

10. You love getting to watch the impact your dad has on his players and the difference he makes on young men.

Going to team church, doing devotionals, leading by example and sharing the Plan of Salvation with hundreds of guys each year, my dad is a superstar. I have never heard my dad say one foul word at home or on the field. He is truly a godly coach, man, husband, and father.

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