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Tennessee is hyping their switch to Nike with some Game of Thrones flavor


Since 1997, Tennessee has relied on Adidas as their provider of all athletic gear. But back in January of 2014, a decision was made by the Tennessee brass to make the switch to Nike.

The move has been highly anticipated and publicized, and with the eight year agreement with Nike beginning tomorrow (July 1), the athletic department has started to hype the move, complete with an official unveiling of their new gear.

More specifically, the football staff is pretty jacked about the move.

Tennessee receivers coach Zach Azzanni summed up the impending Nike swag pretty well with this Game of Thrones play on words, with some help from the in-house graphic designers.

Since we are talking about Tennessee, don't expect the uniforms or helmets to be changed a whole lot. After all, they do have one of the most iconic and recognizable looks in all of college football. However, it will be cool to see Nike gear decked out in that signature UT orange.