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Tennessee's search to replace Butch Jones will forever be known as the one social media effectively decided

After word leaked earlier today that Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano was going to be the choice to replace Butch Jones as head coach of the Vols, fans, politicians, former players, and other influential media personalities took to social media to voice their displeasure.

That extensive outcry, which can be seen and explored here, led to some hesitation and we're told that after they had come to an understanding of terms, Tennessee broke things off and Schiano's side is now seeking compensation for going back on the agreement.

If you take a second to let this all soak in, because it is rather unbelievable to watch it all unfold the past few hours, it's amazing to think that social media has, and will surely continue to play, a major role in who the Vols decide on to lead their program. Isn't that remarkable...and kind of scary at the same time? Think of the ramifications of this continuing as we move forward and the power that social media influencers and fan bases will feel that they have to drag a candidate that they don't feel makes a big enough splash through the mud. It's wild, but that's how this search will be remembered for decades to come. The question now moving forward is whether athletic director John Currie continues to run point on the search after this whole debacle...and if he is, how he's going to recover from this.

It will be interesting to see where Tennessee pivots from here, the explanation that is going to have to be provided by administration and decision makers, and how the rest of this search ends up shaking out.

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