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Texas A&M releases new renderings of its renovated football facility


Texas A&M is in the midst of renovating the Bright Football Complex, and those in the business say the finished product will be the absolute best in all of football. We've been told their locker room alone will cost $17 million. All of this is in addition to a $450 million renovation of Kyle Field, of course. 

Last night, A&M's recruiting Twitter account @AggieFBLife unveiled some new renderings of the future of Aggie football. 

The team meeting room. I count seating for 160. 

A&M's locker room apparently will double as a night club. The "private access" touch on the doors is pretty cool. 


Every school has a countdown clock similar to this. None have one quite like this, though. 


Notice the state of Texas branding in the training room. 


I suspect this won't be the only time you'll see Johnny Manziel's image throughout the facility. 


Even the Aggies' equipment room can't just be an equipment room. It's "The Arsenal". 


It doesn't appear A&M plans to leave much unused wall space throughout the facility. 


"This looks like a Doom level." - @celebrityhottub