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Texas A&M's renovated facility puts it among the best in CFB


When you talk about some of the best football facilities and locker rooms in the country, Oregon may be the first program that comes to mind, but Texas A&M's new and improved locker room is doing its part to make sure that the Aggies are among the programs in the conversation.

And if I'm were the definitive judge on the subject, I'd say there isn't much separating the two facilities...and you could make a solid argument for each one as the top dog. On second thought, I'd give the crown to A&M for finding a way top one-up Oregon. Both Zach and I are both at a loss with how to improve on this particular design.

According to;

"The facility has undergone more than 36,000 square feet of renovations to modernize the entire complex and create the most forward-thinking, technologically-advanced football training facility in collegiate athletics. The renovations include a new entry atrium and an updated, fully renovated locker room, players’ lounge, training rooms, meeting rooms and coaches’ offices.

A $20.8 million project, the renovations have included the $4 million Lohman Center and a whopping $16.8 million for the team areas, including locker room, hallways, meeting rooms, sports medicine facility, hydrotherapy pool and much more."

To really get a look at the full scope of the changes, head over to for all the pics.

Graphics, lighting, modern finishes, barbershop, hot tubs, flat screens everywhere, HD nameplates and pictures on the lockers (done, of course, by our friends over at Hollman lockers)...this place has it all. It's sick from top to bottom with the "Wow" factor fit for a king (or five star prospect).

See more pics, and players react to the updates below. 

New team meeting room


This is what players see before entering the locker room.


Two frameless LED screens are placed on each locker and can display everything from player info, to motivational content, and the string of screens can also serve as a ribbon board to convey custom messages to the team


Players Twitter handles are included in their locker room bio info (upper right corner)


The private, custom barbershop in the facility


Meeting room


The coaches locker room


Hydrotherapy pools (both hot and cold) with eight HD TV's mounted inside the walls and a floor to ceiling water wall