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Texas A&M has come up with an ingenious way to recruit from home

There's an infinite and growing list of problems created by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, and college football coaches finding ways to spend time with recruits is near the bottom.

But, within the world we're all blessed to live in, it's a problem nonetheless. If you're not spending time with recruits, someone else is.

At the same time, with campuses closed across the country, no spring practices to visit, and no spring evaluation trips on the near horizon, there are only so many FaceTime conversations to be had.

With that in mind, Texas A&M's staff has come up with a great way to hang out with recruits in a time where they can't hang out with recruits.

The Aggies have launched the Gig' Em Gamer tourney, where A&M coaches will play Madden 20 against their recruits. Offensive coaches will play offensive recruits, and defensive coaches will play defensive recruits.

ATM offense
ATM defense

For those wondering, these aren't bottom-of-the-board recruits signed up, either. Five-star cornerback Tony Grimes, 5-star defensive tackle Maason Smith and high 4-star offensive lineman Savion Byrd are among the recruits signed up to play -- all of whom are uncommitted.

And that's the ingenious part of this idea. It's not as if these guys need an excuse to play Madden right now, but this gives them a reason to play -- "Mom, I have to. Coach wants to talk to me."

This coronavirus curveball is forcing everyone in college football to use their creative muscles right now, and Texas A&M's are flexin' right now.