Credit: Frank Masi

Tim Brewster followed Jimbo Fisher from Florida State to Texas A&M, and has quickly taken on the role of Jimbo’s social media attack dog.

On Monday night, Brewster fired of this tweet, a common refrain from College Station ever since the Aggies joined the SEC half a decade ago. (Of note, Brewster once coached at Texas and his son, Nolan, signed with the Longhorns in 2008.)

That message was quickly subtweeted by Texas assistant player personnel director Bryan Carrington and TCU safeties coach Paul Gonzales, which has since been deleted but was screen capped by the Dallas Morning News‘s Ben Baby.

On Tuesday morning, Oklahoma co-offensive coordinator Cale Gundy brought out the receipts on Brewster.

And if one Gundy wasn’t enough, here comes Mike….

So, in the act of downplaying the Big 12 in an effort to show his SEC pride, Brewster has baited Big 12 coaches into rallying together to uniformly talk about how lame conference pride is in the first place.

It’s basically the modern version of this.

As with all things related to Texas A&M and the Big 12, the message is the same: Just shut up and kiss already.