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Texas A&M backing away from #WRTS trademark

247 Sports

247 Sports

Ever since Kevin Sumlin's arrival prior to the 2012 season, Texas A&M has used social media to its advantage like no other program in college football. While an aggressive, smart coaching staff, the SEC, instant success, the SEC, new facilities and the SEC have led Texas A&M considerable recruiting efforts over the past three years, dynamic marketing hasn't hurt. Central to that marketing identity has been the #WRTS hashtag.

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As recently as two weeks ago the #WRTS mantra was central to the Aggies' recruiting efforts.

But legend has it, five-star defensive tackle Daylon Mack is the originator of the #WRTS hashtag. While we can't prove that, we do know his family has filed for and no owns its trademark. In a statement provided to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the Aggies confirmed they are backing away and ceding the profitability (however lucrative it may or may not be is another question entirely) to the Mack family.

"Texas A&M has not had any plans -- past or future -- to trademark, purchase, or otherwise profit financially from #WRTS," the statement read. "Texas A&M was aware of Mr. Coris Mack's trademark application but this trademark application had nothing to do with the recruitment of Mr. Daylon Mack as a student-athlete at Texas A&M."

For the Mack family's sake, here's hoping their business efforts have a longer shelf life than the last time the family of a current Aggie tried to turn notoriety into cash.